Equity Proprietary Trading

Great Point Capital has always chosen to specialize in Proprietary Equity Trading amongst all the available asset categories and classes. Why you might ask? Because Great Point still believes in the opportunity that a universe of 8,000 plus securities represents to a trader on any given trading day. Within that large universe of available securities something is always experiencing exceptional price action, on exceptional volume. Even if a trading day does not represent general opportunity throughout the market there will always be some security that is experiencing an unusual event representing trading opportunity.

Now granted, this at times can be a double edged sword if traders are not careful to avoid the sleepy areas of the market on an average trading day. The vast amount of securities available can become very difficult to navigate. Finding the most relevant security on any given day can quickly feel like finding a needle in a hay stack. This is where expert trading platforms become indispensable tools in assisting the members of a good equity trading firm to filter down the choices and isolate the most meaningful securities in the market that day. We believe that equity trading firms like ours still hold an advantage over futures or FX trading firms due to the vast amount of product selection. All markets have seen computerized trading eat up market share and divert edge away from manual traders. With that material hindrance to trading results present in all markets it is more important than ever to participate in areas that offer any other advantage or edge to traders. Equity Trading firms still offer traders the edge of being able to participate in late least one security that is experiencing extraordinary volume and price action on any given trading day. There just aren’t nearly as many meaningful moves in currency’s or futures due to the limited number of products to trade. Futures and FX are global markets that require macroeconomic shifts to create extraordinary directional price action. While large macro shifts can be great for equity as well, much less is needed to have material impact on the equity market for just one particular company. On any given day of trading dozens of the 8 thousand plus listed companies will be having major events that can create sustained directional price action on elevated volume. A talented equity trader will never be bored by a quiet market so long as he is expert at finding the stand out trading securities of the trading day.

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