The Year in Review for Financial Scandals of 2017

Another year and the stories of corporate scandal, wrongdoing on the part of either corporate big wigs or their employees, never seem to slow down from giving us something to talk about.     Here’s a recap of some of the most notorious dealings or just plain dumb mistakes that…

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IPOs Enhance Stock Trading Opportunities

stocks trending up

There are many advantages to trading stocks versus futures, with some of the best trading opportunities found in newly created IPOs.  One advantage of trading stocks is the sheer number of products available with thousands of individual stocks to choose from, compared to a handful of indexes on futures markets.…

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HR3555 Could Grant Immunity to Exchanges & Dark Pools

A new bill was just introduced by Representative Loudermilk (R-GA), which would  amend the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 to basically reduce or eliminate regulation overreach into business models of exchanges that do not involve either reporting or effecting a transaction on the exchange.  As Representative Loudermilk put it…

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How Long Can the Market Sustain its Low Volatility?

online trading broker

Volatility in the stock market has a direct impact on stock performance and annualized returns.  Historically, when market performance is positive, volatility will tend to decline.  Conversely with higher volatility, investors experience greater risk, while the market sees a decrease in returns.  With the current calmness of the stock market,…

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Why You Should Dump Your Online Broker

Once you understand the very important differences between online brokers and professional trading firms, you will realize why you should dump your online broker!   Online brokers such as Ameritrade, ScotTrade, Fidelity and many others are the gateway to the stock market for most people.  For savvy investors with larger…

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Take Control of Orders with Superior Prop Trading Firm

Take Control of Your Orders

We have discussed Payment for Order Flow (POF) and how High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms make money on your trades.  We’ve shared how Maker-Taker affects the way that trades are executed.  Now let’s see what you can do to improve your trading returns within this complex and often predatory environment.

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Latency Arbitrage with Predatory Algorithm for Trading

Latency arbitrage is the practice of one party, perhaps a predatory HFT firm, exploiting a time disparity and earning profits with a computer algorithm for trading, when that trade is executed solely because of a latency advantage.  Latency arbitrage has raised many heated discussions among all market participants, the SEC…

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Day Trading Guide to Stock Order Types

A day trading guide on stock order types is a dynamic volume, as new order types are continuously proposed, revoked or falsely justified.  As Nasdaq continues to develop, propose, then either revoke or justify new stock order types that continually benefit the select few, let’s review some of these recent…

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